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One Wellness Physiotherapy, providing physiotherapy services to residents of Banff and Canmore, stocks a variety of products used regularly in therapy sessions with clients, as well as other products we believe can help our clients to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

We are pleased to offer the following products to our clients.

Should you be looking for a specific product that does not appear in the list below, please contact us and we will do our best to help track it down for you.

Athletic Tape
– Leukotape is our tape of choice. From shoulders to ankles tape can be very effective in protecting joints, improving proprioception and posture. Cost: $12/roll




Cold Therapy - Ice Packs
– We stock this contoured moldable ice pack. It is designed to be long enough to wrap around your knee, ankle, elbow and shoulder. Its contoured shape makes it ideal for neck and low back application as well. Cost: $30.00



Foam Roller
– Great for stretching out tight muscles from a day at the office, on the bike, skis, hiking, etc. The foam roller is also a great tool to incorporate into your core strength workouts. Our therapists are happy to design an individualized program for you addressing flexibility and strength! Cost: $35.00


Physio Balls
– We stock Physio Balls in diameters of 55cm and 65cm. A Physio Ball is a great way to get a workout in the comfort of your home. Our therapists can help determine what size of ball is right for you and design an exercise program to improve your strength and flexibility.  Cost: 55cm= $35.00 / 65cm=$40.00


– These pulleys are used to help maintain and increase motion of joints. Typically used for the shoulder as one arm pulls down it assists the other arm to be raised over your head. These pulleys are great following a shoulder injury or surgery. Cost: $25.00



Sit Fit
– The air-filled Ergo Sit™ cushion is an innovative way to improve posture, promote better balance, and improve your core strength while you sit! We stock the new and improved design of which is designed with thigh support. Use the round side forward for active sitting and the thigh-support forward for stable sitting. Our therapists are happy to show how you can incorporate the Sit Fit into your daily routine. It works similar to a physio ball, but takes up a fraction of the space! Cost: $60.00


Stainless Steel Water Bottle
– This sport water bottle is a great alternative to plastic water bottles. It fits in traditional bike water bottle cages! Cost: $22.00


– Resistive band typically used for strength exercises in the comforts of your home. We have a variety of different tensions available. Cost: $1.50/foot

Theratubing – Resistive tubing which works the same way as theraband.   Cost: $1.50/foot


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