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Biomechanical Evaluations

Biomechanical Evaluations and Exercise Programs for Medical Conditions and Post-Clinical Therapy

This service bridges the gap between the completion of physiotherapy and the initiation of an exercise program in a gym setting. This works well for those who need a little extra help to get back to full strength and fitness at the end of clinical physical rehabilitation following injury or surgery. It also helps those who have a medical condition such as arthritis or low back pain and need help establishing an exercise program.

We assess your current strength, flexibility, proprioception and biomechanics, paying special attention to any areas affected by your injury or medical condition. We work closely with the professional trainers at Life Works Gym and The Banff Centre to establish an individual exercise program. This may include one-on-one or group training at the gym, a home exercise program, and advice on appropriate exercise classes available in the community. We regularly monitor and modify your program to suit your needs.

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