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Custom Foot Orthotics

Custom foot orthotics are individualized inserts for your shoes that can help to alleviate foot, knee, hip, and low back pain. Orthotics are designed to correct malalignments in the body and reduce the strain on pain-sensitive soft-tissue.

At One Wellness Physiotherapy the therapists discuss any past or current injuries and thoroughly analyze your work and athletic footwear. They then perform gait and functional analyses including watching you walk, run, squat, etc. A cast mold of your foot is then taken.

Our pedorthist Milan HudecC.Ped(C), C.Ped.Tech(C) of Feet First Orthotics then handcrafts the orthotics in the Bow Valley. We offer a 100% guarantee that the orthotics fit well, help to improve your alignment and help manage your injuries. Any adjustments we may need to make incur no extra cost to you.


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