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Physical Health Assessments

This is a great assessment for those who enjoy active living. This is a two-part assessment that is completed over two separate one hour appointments.

This assessment begins with a review of past injuries, current areas of concern, and goals that you would like to accomplish. During this assessment we objectively look at your strength and flexibility, highlighting areas of weakness, tightness and imbalance. A digital postural analysis then performed prior to assessing balance and dynamic movement. Being able to then analyze the results of this physical health assessment allows the physiotherapist to determine what underlying impairments are of concern.

It is during the second session that the results are shared with you and the pieces of the puzzle are connected.  At One Wellness Physiotherapy the therapists integrate competing parts of the body to work in harmony and teach you specific strategies and exercises to address your specific areas of weakness, tightness, and areas of overall imbalance in your body such that you remain on top of your game, through efficient and fluid movement, allowing you to accomplish your goals. We recommend this physical health assessment be completed on an annual basis.

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